Energy Cool produces the
world's most energy-economical
and environmentally friendly
total solutions for technical sites

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Energy Cool offers a range of unique products specially developed for use in the telecom, fibre, broadcast and energy industries that use technical sites. In addition to lowering energy consumption/CO₂ by up to 95% and the noise level by 50%, operating results are increased.

Installation times are reduced using modular parts that can be easily and quickly connected via Plug 'N Play.

Our products are modular, and capacity expansion is therefore quick and easily achieved. We are proud to develop customized solutions that benefit our customers and especially the environment.

Free Cooling

Energy Cool's refrigerated products are based on displacement theory.

Substantial reduction in power consumption, CO₂ production and maintenance costs.

Air Storage

Replaces A/C with air storage technology when it is cold and is released in warmer periods when using free cooling. Extremely low power consumption and maintenance-free. Removes temperature peaks without the need for additional cooling capacity and power consumption.


Outdoor Flex cabins are insulated, can withstand fire for 60 minutes and have integrated cooling solutions. Outdoor Flex is supplied as Outdoor Flex alone or as a complete solution. The units can be supplied in 2 standard sizes, but can also be customized specifically to our customers' needs.


Cabin Flex is a modular system, designed for long life. The advantages of the modular structure are that they can be adapted to the customers' needs, can be expanded over time and also only require a minimum of maintenance.


Although Energy Cool has a large portfolio that covers most solutions, it may be that something special is required - challenge us to find the solution you need.


Sometimes a standard resolution cannot be adapted to a location. Challenge us and we will find the solution.